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itigo Cloud has a powerful engine that generates analytical reports so you can extract insights for your business.

itigo Analytics was designed thinking on how your front end collaborators will consume the information so they can effectively profit from it.

Share with your company the goals and results to engage everyone to take the actions to achieve your company goals.

Merge, join and cross information from different databases, systems, auditing sources and makes analysis that you need to guide your business.

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Master Data Management

Incomplete data, duplicates, typing errors and multiple sheets of divergent registration?

Problems with customer registrations are headaches that reaches Marketing and Sales in the analysis, strategies design and execution.

Customer data

Data from various sources and formats

Sales area searches registration

Can't find the record and creates a new duplicate

Creates a New Opportunity

Opportunity is not linked to right account

Sales forecast

Unreliable forecast

Analytical report

Reports not updated and no holistic view

Analytical report

Reports not updated and no holistic view

  Difficult to sell more and make cross-sell


Master Data Management is a methodology that, supported by itigo MDM, automates cleaning the data, consolidates and manages hierarchies for a single view of the customer.

itigo MDM centralizes master data records from the domains:

  • customers,
  • products,
  • territories/positions,
  • persons
... where the data is kept clean using the following Master Data Management methodology:

  • Profiling: Checks the health of the data, inconsistencies and missing fields.

  • Standardize: Automatic standardization of names, addresses and other fields so that data are comparable (rules defined in the project).

  • Link: Matching using exact or similarity search. The score will determine whether the record is automatically duplicated or if it requires that the Data Steward approves it manually.

  • Enrich: Enrichment of data based on database postal codes or government databases (e.g. Fiscal Ids). Data Steward chooses if the correction / enrichment should be applied.

  • Monitor: Continuous verification methodology by the Data Steward to ensure a clean data.

Hire in conjunction our itigo Implementation Services to customize and develop the integration piece to receive and share data with other systems so the MDM can work as the Source of Truth for your company for the master records.

itigo integrates your data from various sources as spreadsheets, internal systems of your company or cloud and centralizes all of them for that your company has the single view of your customer.

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itigo Cloud is a Software as a Service platform that provides a 360° vision of your customers for the sales teams, besides performing an effective sales management of your business.

360º Vision

Your customers can interact with your company through multiple channels having different intents, therefore reaching different collaborators of your organization, which brings a challenge to a 360° view and customer satisfaction.

As opposed to a generalized approach, it is very important to differentiate and reach your customer in a personalized manner, the called relationship one to one. Achieve this centralizing in the system itigo any relationship to its customers, interactions, questions, calls, sales, requests, in short, all their history to understand it, to anticipate and seek to surprise them positively.

itigo Cloud is rated by its customers to have a friendly user-interface. This is an important and crucial point for everyone in your organization to adopt, use, enrich the information of its customers and profit from the benefits of having the 360º customer view.

Execution and Effective Management

People crave for the Simple. However to achieve the Simple is hard and challenging.

Based on this principle itigo Cloud was carefully designed to deliver a pragmatic functionality for the execution and management of your company sales.

Provide to your employees visual and organized tools to set and monitor the targets, to easily identify and act on priorities as well as metrics to assist in the achievement of the goals.

As a manager, monitor all the work of your sales force and follow up in detail the opportunities. See which are the strengths and focus to do what is most important so you increase the rates of closing deals!


If your industry / sector is regulated or there are necessary measures that your company needs to adhere to, our solution is customizable to meet your requirements. Our itigo Implementation Services will customize and implement yours particularities in itigo Cloud to meet your requirements.

Implement itigo Cloud in your organization integrating your systems and various data sources and in conjunction with itigo Analytics, analyze, monitor, and discover opportunities to improve your business.

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Starting from the identification of customers in a nominal and individual manner, you can create a relationship between your company and your customer. Having a system that manages all this information becomes important to make and keep a lasting relationship.

itigo Cloud is a SaaS platform that manages the customer service of your company, centralizing and managing relevant information such as service groups, priorities, SLAs, customer satisfaction and other metrics relevant to yours particularities.

We prioritize the relationship management with the customer in all aspects. Customize the service of your company through substantiated information providing a differentiated experience to your customer service. Meet your clients accurately, and improve the relationship with them.

In itigo Cloud it is possible to automate tasks in an assertive manner, thus avoiding manual and repetitive work. Reduce effort and cost, increasing quality in attendance processes. With specific rules for your business, automate your workflows, gaining agility in customer service. Schedule activities and optimize the performance of your team!

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