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Business Intelligence Implementation

Business Intelligence implementations needs to be quick. Business needs change all the time and many insights are generated and need to be confirmed or discovered. Many implementations fail because they take a long time and do not provide sufficient autonomy to the data analysts manipulate the information in a fast and easy way. itigo works with two of the top market tools for visualization and discovery up to date:

Power BI Tableau

However buying these products and believing that these alone are sufficient to generate all analysis is often a frustration.

itigo fills the gap for your company to take full advantage of these solutions:

  • We develop the most complex part that stay behind the scenes: the integration and processing of data;
  • We train your company to have autonomy to generate reports and insights you need ("teaching how to fish instead of only giving you the fish");
  • In addition, we create a set of the first reports and analysis for you to quickly profit so that you can reuse then as a basis to create your own analysis by yourself.

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itigo Implementation

We implement itigo Cloud within your company using the project methodology which is based on steps:

  • Scope;
  • Design;
  • Construction;
  • Tests;
  • Implementation;
  • Training.
By using this methodology we customize the system according to the needs of your company from the perspective of professionals who will understand your peculiarities and design solutions that best adhere to your business.

It is unusual to have a system that works in isolation and thus integrating with other systems is a need in diverse implementations. With itigo we offer the consulting services to implement the following end to end services:

  • System customization/tailoring;
  • Develop integrations with existing and/or new system, be it internal and/or cloud.

We tend to say that when implementing a project, the application is the most visible part for you, like the top of an iceberg, while the hidden and bigger portion lies on the customization and integration services.

This is the biggest challenge and effort that separates the success and failed cases. And we from itigo are very proud to state that we have the needed expertise and a proven track record of success to deliver.
itigo Cloud
Initial Data Load
Systems integration
Data Transformation
IT Project Management

Do you need a project manager or consultancy to deliver an internal IT project? We offer this service!

itigo has over 10 years of expertise in leading marketing, sales and business intelligence projects in various industries ranging from various sizes.

itigo understands that each company has its own peculiarities, regulatory requirements, governances and so we tailor each solution to your company.

Our team has successfully implemented several projects of national, regional and global scopes with multi disciplinary/cultural teams, demonstrating our experience, expertise and competence.